Bipolar Disorder, Can Tang Psychiatric Treatment AreaI see many patients with bipolar disorder.  It is also referred to as manic-depressive illness. Some patients report this as “having highs and lows”.  There are varying degrees of this illness. I have seen patients do very destructive things during an episode. It is best to control the mood swings before they occur because during an episode, patients tend to have poor insight and make bad decisions.

Patients or their significant other may say that they are irritable, get angry easily, and have very bad mood swings. Patients may also be getting less sleep and are up all night doing things they normally wouldn’t do. They may also feel an excessive amount of energy to be able to do things. Irritability is very common. Spending money excessively can also occur. Some patients become very impulsive in their judgment which gets them into trouble. Fortunately, psychiatric treatment for bipolar disorder can be very successful. Left untreated bipolar disorder tends to become worse.



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