Anxiety, Can Tang Psychiatric Treatment AreaAnxiety is a very uncomfortable feeling.  We all have some anxiety at certain points of our lives.  However, anxiety becomes a problem when it is excessive and dominates your life. There are numerous ways that anxiety can manifest itself. Some patients will have panic attacks and end up at the emergency room thinking that they were having a heart attack. They describe feelings of numbness, shaking, difficulty breathing, and profuse sweating. Sometimes they also have symptoms of light-headedness,  dizziness, and feeling like they are losing control. They usually feel the need to escape from whatever surrounding that they are in or else they feel trapped.  It can be a frightening experience.  They often have no idea that these symptoms could be those of a panic disorder.

I often see patient with anxiety report worrying excessively to the point they can’t enjoy being in the moment. They “worry about anything and everything”. Worrying is one of the most common things that my patients complain about. Everyone worries but it is the degree of worrying that can cause problems. Patients with GAD (generalized anxiety disorder) will often tell me that “I worry about everything, I worry about my family, my kids, money, my job.” In GAD, patients find it very difficult to stop worrying and often cannot fall asleep because of it. They are kept awake worrying about what they need to do tomorrow.  They may worry about little things that most people would not worry about. I can help you explore reasons why you worry so much and discuss psychiatric treatment that may help alleviate your anxiety so you can “be in the moment” and not have anxiety control your life.



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